Entry for August 13, 2008

13 08 2008

A day good to you!


You are most welcome inside my humble abode, inside my “nipa hut” within this tiny island that I call Japs’ Land.

I prefer to think that the Filipino Bayanihan Spirit is very much alive and well within this place.

A place where crab (talangka) mentality is unheard of.

A place where whiners and complainers have no business being here when they themselves are part and parcel of the things they’re crying about.

Where nobody without a sense of humor, a sense of common decency and at least a little bit of musical sense can turn around & start going the other way just because this place is a place to have fun, to chill out, to relax and to be ourselves while still mindful and respectful of everyone else’s feelings.

If you agree then, you are…






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