Entry for August 25, 2008

25 08 2008

It’s a new day!

Welcome back…

Some people say that now that the Beijing Olympics have come to a close, now people will be able to come back to some sort of normal life. Both for the people of Beijing & of China and for everyone else somewhere in this planet that has been watching the games.

Some say it was probably the most spectacular olympics in terms of the opening & the closing ceremonies. And others say that it’s going to be something to be talked about in years to come, which no other country in the near future will even try to imitate or even try to surpass.

Anyway, I am back to a normal way of life. For I too, was hooked for a while in the 8 gold medal run of who else but Aquaman Michael Phelps. I don’t know, but he sure does make for a perfect fit for the role of Aquaman if they ever make a movie of it.

And don’t forget the Redeem Team of Lebron, Kobe, Dwayne, Chris Paul and the rest of the team. Okay, include the US Women’s basketball team as well.

Also the Lightning Bolt & his either love him or hate him personality and the Jamaican Track & Field Team.

Of course, Bryan Clay & the other US Track & Field Athletes too.

The USA Men’s & Women’s beach volleyball, of course the other teams as well.

The regular volleyball team. It just feels weird now just to call it volleyball.

But not so much with the softball & football (soccer) teams amd with tennis.

Of course, the Women’s Gymnastics competitions, or say we call them the Girl’s Gymnastics now. Yes that was as dramatic as the Phelps dramas.

Diving & Synchronized swimming, as the usual favorites.

And the marathons.

So now that all these are over & done, I can now go back to my usual routine.

Until 2012 in London.

And I hope the Philippines will learn it’s lessons now & really go all out to win it’s first Olympic Gold.

Really, it’s time.

In fact, it’s way overdue.




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