Entry for September 05, 2008 – The Big Bs of the Philippines

5 09 2008


Hello, come in…

“Tuloy po kayo.”

Today I have a lot of free time so I am back to share to you one more thing about the Philippines.

Filipinos know their ABCs I mean they may have their own ABaKaDas but it is basically almost the same as the ABCs. And the Philippines being in Asia & being Asians is just a technicality as the Filipinos are almost anything but Asian. For one, we do not write our alpahabets such as any of these:



Chinese characters for Kickboxing

But we do use regular ABCs (the same as you bro).

Anyway, the reason I say this is that in the Philippines I believe the people there are Big with one particular letter, the letter B.

For either they excel in a sport that start with them or they just pretty much love sports that start with them. And the Bs that I am particularly referring to are:

B for Boxing – of course, more so today because of Manny Pacman

B for Billiards – well you know besides Amang, Bustamante, Efren Bata & the rest of the Pinoy pool room fanatics, we have a lot of world-class billiards/snooker/pool & whatever else you call them athletes.

B for Bowling – Bong Coo, Arianne Cerdena & Paeng Nepomuceno to name a few.

B for Badminton – which I heard has took off in the country in recent years.

And of course the Big B itself – Basketball

Anyway I just wanted to share that thought today, especially to all our non-Filipino guests out there.

For the locals, I know that you know this already & I believe you also have a long list of other B things that you love to do & excel in…. “kumain ng Baboy, Baka, Bangus, Barbecue, Balut, Buko pie at Bagoong, uminon ng Beer, magBunot, magBili-Bili, magBisnis-Bisnis, magBabad sa mall, sa telepono, sa internet, sa video game at mag-Butingting ng kung ano-ano”.

“Pero para sa nakararami, wala pa rin tatalo sa Basketbol!” (oo wala pa rin tatalo sa Alaska, teka may team pa ba sila sa PBA?)

So for all you Pinoy Basketball Fanatics who still believe that one day we can send a team to the Summer Olympic Games & at least go up against the Best of the Best.

See, I didn’t say win, look at China even with Yao. And look at Iran the second Asian country that represented our region, I believe they were winless in the just concluded Beijing Olympics, but they qualified to represent the type of basketball in our side of the globe. Yes we only need to be the second team in the whole of Asia to go to the Olympics, I just don’t know when we can actually do that.

So to all you dreamers, like me, to all you who believe in David slaying Goliath & in the unknowns beating the superstars. Look at this video & dream on…

Lebron James’ Trick Shot Challenge Winner will Challenge NBA All Star & Leader of the Current Olympic Gold Medal Men’s Basketball Team, Lebron himself in a game of HORSE:







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