Entry for September 07, 2008 – One Week Without YAP Makes One Weak

7 09 2008

I see you over there…

Come in…

You know you are always welcome over here…

Grab a chair, oh I see that you are already sitting down… & made yourself at home… okay.

As you were.

I know, I said that I am in a YAP Sabbatical & it’s only been a week, but it feels like a year already.

Well in case you aren’t familiar with YAP, then this particular day’s post will not interest you, trust me as you might end up being a YAPper yourself. But in case you are one already or intend to be one, then stay & read on.

Anyway, I just want to say that I have been pretty busy lately I wasn’t even able to email some YAPpers back. In fact I know I got an email from Jonas, Community Manager of Yahoo! Philippines but I’m pretty sure I haven’t responded to it yet. He might think I have forgotten about his inquiry about a possible YAP Meet up at California.

Well it’s early Sunday morning over here & I’m sure it’s still Sunday afternoon in the Philippines, so I’ll check my emails later & try to respond to that email & to the other emails from other YAPpers.

Oh, you’re still here… go grab something to drink or something to munch on… I’m done thinking out loud. Let’s eat or let’s just look out the window & enjoy this moment…





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