Entry for September 07, 2008 – Pinoy Videos

7 09 2008

Look who’s here…

Don’t just take a peek, come on in…

Sit down, why do I always say that, you are sitting down already.

Come in, today you caught me on one of my homesickness blues moments, I was always tempted to go to YAP & even blog about YAP.

But anyway in times such as this, I miss going to YAP but you know what?

In time like this, I’m not totally helpless, for I have finally went to this website that I have heard about for the longest time, a site where there are Pinoy Video Uploads & you can actually watch them free, yes free…. F R E E, the magic Pinoy word.

Anyway today I finally went there & I was in Pinoy heaven.

I went directly to the Pinoy Commercials Section & devoured it.

One word of caution, some videos do not run, most of the commercial videos are “bitin” & I heard that the site itself is down & in times like that you cannot view anything.

But not today, I watched & watched & read & read the comments (of course in Tagalog) & I was like instantly flown back home.

Hay, what a day. I watched a little “Eat Bulaga”, TV Patrol, ASAP & it was like a real Sunday back home, complete with the heat.

For those who do not know what I am talking about, this is the link to the Pinoy Commercials I am talking about, enjoy:


One thing though, if some of the videos are slow it just means that there are many Pinoys that are watching the videos there. So the more we share the link, the more we suffer. So this is just between you & me… Shhh…

But the more the merrier,right? (chismosa ka day?)

But that’s what I miss most about the Philippines, “agawan sa kanin, agawan sa ulam, agawan sa dessert, parang laging kapos pero lahat ay nakakakain at mas lalong masarap ang kainanan dahil sa nag-aagawan. Dito sa abroad, nandito na nga halos lahat ng masasarap na pagkain ng mga foreigner pero parang bale wala kung walang nag-aagawan, lalo na kung sobra-sobra ang pagkain–tinatapon lang, paano na lang ang mga nagugutom sa ibang bansa.

Ayan nagsesenti nanaman ako…

Sige na nga makapanood ng movie o tv show…Tara nood na.”


Watch this link @ your risk: http://www.pinoychannel.tv/watch/v-63296

Stop complaining & start counting your blessing.




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