Entry for September 09, 2008 – Talangka Mentality

9 09 2008


Don’t just sit there, come on right in.

Come in & let’s talk for awhile…

Well let me talk first & you can listen. And then you can talk back if you want & we will listen.

Give & take… That’s how we should roll.

But in the Philippines, if you are quite familliar with it, there is such a term as Talangka Mentality or Crab Mentality. And that has been in my mind ever since earlier in the day. And I just wanted to talk about it out loud today…

There are so many ways to describe this Pinoy mentality. Take note that this is not only unique to the Filipino, we can also see this in all other cultures.

There are also so many different instances wherein we can see this in action. But the simplest is always the best way to describe it.

I surmise that the term crab mentality came about because if you watch crabs when they are placed inside a bucket, those fortunate enough to be on top will almost immediately start to scamper up to try to climb the sides & try to escape their predicament.

But what does the other crabs who are unfortunately in the bottom do, to those who have started climbing ahead of them?

You know it, they clamp their claws on them & pull them down with the rest of the other crabs. “Sama-sama together. Walang iwanan. Mas maganda ako sa yo, ako dapat mauna…”

Yes much like everyone in the Philippine Islands wants to get to the top, get a jump on everyone else, get ahead, get the highest grade, get the biggest share, get the latest gadgets, get the best job, get first pick, get that prized promotion, get the position, get the deal, get out of the country, get the money, get the glory. Get it?

But that is not the problem, the problem is when one will do anything, even pull somebody down to get it. The problem is when one will do whatever it takes to get it, even if they know it is not right.

So in essence this mentality can be found in almost all aspects of the Philippine society–it doesn’t matter how rich or poor one person is. It doesn’t matter if one is no read, no write or has gone all the way to graduate school or has several college degrees. It doesn’t matter how eloquent one is in their public speaking or if they freeze onstage. It doesn’t matter if they are born pleasant to look at or if they have loks only their mother would love. It doesn’t matter if one is a politician or a fisherman, male or female or anything in between, it is found everywhere. It is found deep down inside each one of us.

But that is not to say that everyone indeed has it. You might be the rare exception. But you can almost bet your money that you can find it or a variation of it everywhere you go. In fact many Filipinos even bring it with them abroad.

And if one is sensitive enough, one can even find it online or within the online Filipino community. Sad but the truth.

What can say?

Well I have a lot to say about it, but it’s going to be long, & I want to get your take on this first…

So what do you think?

No rush, I’ll wait…

I’m used to waiting.

Tic-tac. Tic-tac.

In my lifetime I hope…

Grab that beer bottle over there & chill out, or if you don’t drink like me, grab that pulutan & relax. Breathe in, breathe out. Relax.

We have all day… or night, or week, or month… or season.. zzzzz

Okay, wake me up when you’re ready to talk.





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