Entry for September 10, 2008 – World Class Filipina II

10 09 2008

“Tuloy… tuloy…”

“Huwag nang mahiya, pasok na, tayo, tayo lang no…”

Come in… Come in…

I just ate lunch & I hope you did too but in case you haven’t then you should afterwards.

I welcome you back if you have been here before, if not then welcome, thanks for dropping by.

I again am thinking out loud & this might be a series by the looks of it as I am thinking again about apparently another World Class Filipina. Which I just caught on the Oprah Show.

I am not a fan of Oprah but being Oprah, you know there is no escaping her, she is everywhere & one cannot help but catch her sometimes. Offline, online, tv, print, you name it.

But this is not about Oprah but her apparent kindness on helping out an unknown little girl from a small town in the other side of the world raised by a single mom.

It is about the great Oprah pushing David Foster to manage her, influencing great singers to sing with her & otherwise launching the worldwide career of this unknown Filipina.

Who is she?

Oprah who else.

No, who is this unknown 16 year old Filipina who even Ellen Degeneres had on her show, well Oprah guested her I think twice already the latest one you can see in the clip below (dated September 9, 2008)

Who is she, some people say she should be called the “Goosebump Kid”, as that’s what you are most likely to get when you really listen to her sing.

Most get the chills, some just find themselves shedding tears, some really touched & some just utterly amazed.

I have heard about her. I don’t really know how good she was & I have even asked a question in Yahoo Answers about her some months back. But I basically know very little about her, other than the fact that she is a Filipina & that she is going places now.

She is supposedly a very good singer & should only get better & from the looks of it she should be added to our short list of World Class Filipinas.

She is Charice.

Take it away…

(Oprah 9-9-2008)



(And now Madison Square Garden 9-15-2008)





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