Entry for September 10, 2008 – World Class Filipina

10 09 2008

I see you over there…

Come in, come in…


We’re not going to talk politics or current events or anything like that today.

I just want to relax & think out loud again.

But if you want to know I was just thinking about how the US can have it’s first female Vice-President, well technically they could have had their first female President, but now they can have their first, let us say, non-White President.

But all that has to wait until next year, depending on the outcome of the November elections or at least after four more years at the next elections.

Anyway, today I am not talking about Clinton, Palin, Obama or McCain.

But I would like to talk about this Pinay Superchef, graduate of UP, Philippine born & raised who used to be the White House’s (yes the US President’s Official Home) Assistant Chef for over 10 years.

But now we all know her as the First Female & the First Filipino that has ever assumed a very powerful position in the White House.

And she has been doing it for the last maybe 3 or 4 years, whipping out menus & new recipes for official state dinners, planned visits from heads of states, for monarchy, for unexpected very special guests, all very important people from all over the US & from all parts of the world. And even the daily menu of the President & the First Lady of the US of A. I cannot think of any White House position held by a female nor a Filipino that can be more important & challenging than that.


She should be in her mid 40s & her name is Cristeta (Cris) Comerford & she is the White House’s Executive Chef. Not a title you can ignore. Truly a world-class Filipina!!!

Now you know that you may have more in common with the US President & the First Lady than you previously think, as they are probably avid fans of a few Filipino recipes, as you can be sure that Cris has injected ethnic flavors (read as Filipino flavors) in the White House menu every so often. The Filipino touch if you may.

Bon apetit. Now I’m hungry, let’s eat…



Notice: Picture shown today & yesterday are hyper-linked and embedded from Flipped Out’s flickr photostreams, these images may be subject to copyright.




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