Entry for September 13, 2008 – World Class Filipina 4

13 09 2008

Come in, come in…

“Bukas ang pintuan, tuloy kayo…”

Make yourself at home, mi casa es su casa…

Welcome to Japs’ Land!

Today is another new day & once again I’m thinking out aloud, what else but about World Class Filipinas.

And today, I cannot help but smile as I am thinking about this & I am remembering that Desperate Housewive Fiasco, regarding Teri Hatcher’s character who delivered a boo-boo in one episode of the show & stuck her foot once more inside her mouth by uttering a line that the show’s writers have written for her character, offending not a few Filipinos.

Anyway, it was a statement to the effect that she wanted to be sure if the doctor she was seeing didn’t have a diploma from a school from the Philippines alluding to some hanky panky going on if he did & apparently poking fun at the expense of Filipinos holding diplomas from any Philippine Medical School.

Apparently, that particular writer/writers forgot to realize that it is a Philippine born doctor who for more than eight years was the top White House doctor, who for all those years had to make sure that the world’s most powerful person was physically fit to do their jobs as Commanders-in-Chief of the US of A, being their personal doctors.

And that this Filipina has the longest tenure as a White House Physician, attending to not one, not two, but three US Presidents, Presidents George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton & George W — the longest service in American history.

A World-Class Filipina who served as a physician in the most prestigious household in the entire US of A, if not the whole world.


Dr. Eleanor Concepcion “Connie” Mariano, a Rear Admiral of the US Navy, the highest military post ever occupied by a Filipino-American woman in the mighty United States Armed Forces.

Connie, was Director of the White House Medical Unit during President Clinton’s tenure & before that appointment, she was Senior White House Physician.

And even before that she was the First Military woman to serve as White House Physician under President George Bush.

Her most noted previous assignment prior to going to the White House was being the sole physician on board USS Prairie, taking care of the ship’s company of 750 men and women.

So if the powers that be, are willing to place a Filipina in such powerful positions, making critical decisions day in & day out, handling its daily duties and responsibilities & giving a great of service to the American nation, then maybe just maybe the image of the Filipino Medical Professional in the USA should be something to look up to & not looked down upon.

Hay, it’s just me again, thinking out loud.

Come back anytime…



2 responses

14 09 2008

wow she’s amazing!

26 09 2008

Yes debbie, world class. “Bilib sila sa Pinoy.”
Pinoy lang mismo ang walang bilib sa kakayahan ng kapwa nila Pinoy.

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