Entry for September 16, 2008 – World Class Filipina 5

16 09 2008
Don’t just sit there, click the link & come on in…




I am now thinking out loud for the fifth time about World Class Filipinas & you are most welcome to listen in & speak what’s on your mind at end.

So how have you been?


All’s well I presume? If you are like me then you just wanted to take a little break from the real world & go online to see what’s going on in the world of cyberspace.


Well it’s still the same & as I have said here in Japs Land, I’m still thinking about Filipinas & you are most welcome to join in this discussion which has now become a series. Today we are on the fifth part.


And so if you are a Filipino immigrant to the US especially in the East Coast, New York in particular, you should have heard of Ms. Loida Nicolas-Lewis who for many many years now have undoubtedly become the ultimate Poster Girl for Successful Filipino Immigrants in the United States of America.


Included on her long list of accomplishments are that she was not only the First Filipina but she is the First Asian to pass the American Bar in 1974, without having studied in the US of A. By the way if you are curious she was a cum laude graduate from St. Theresa’s College and she took up law at the University of the Philippines.

She was a General Attorney in the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service for eight years.

She has written a number of books and at least two best-selling ones, one, “How to Get a Green Card,” after winning a discrimination suit in 1976. And her late husband’s bestselling biography, “Why Should White Guys Have all the Fun?…How Reginald Lewis Created a Billion Dollar Business Empire”.

She took over their family business after the untimely death in 1993 of her husband, who was considered one of the most successful/richest African-Americans of all time.  

After her husband’s death Loida successfully headed their business & was as instrumental as ever to the company’s growth. This has managed to achieve, at the same time as she was running her household & taking care of her children. (Superpinay) pinay

Currently she is the Chairman and CEO of TLC Beatrice, LLC (the Lewis Family investment firm), TLC Beatrice China (operates retail convenience stores in four major cities in China) and TLC Beatrice Foods Philippines (operates a meat processing plant in Naga City).

And she is also National Chair of the National Federation of Filipino American Associations (NaFFAA). Loida was born in Sorsogon and considers New York and Manila as her residence.

She speaks English, French, Spanish and Filipino among other languages.  

She has two daughters, both cum laude graduates of Harvard College.  

She is truly a World Class Filipina, one who symbolizes what every Filipino immigrant in the US or elsewhere can achieve.  






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