Entry for September 26, 2008 – A Philippine Parable

26 09 2008

“O, nandyan ka pala, hindi ka man lang nagpaparamdam…”

Come on in…

Don’t worry, I don’t bite. (arf, arf)

So what brings you here?

Or what brings you back? Or should I say are you back for more? I hope so…

Anyway, I just got a short but nice comment so I decided to go in here & write a new blog post, just for you.

And I hope you would enjoy it too.

It is about a parable…

A parable written by a person who is known as Orion Dumdum.

I can post the link here or cut & paste it in here, but I decided to do the former (“La lang”)

Here is the link:


Visit it & please come back here, to tell me what you think about it…

And when you do come back, please bring something with you… you know… “pasalubong”…

“Dapat lang may dala ka naman para sa akin paminsan-minsan pag bisita mo dito noh…”




Oh eto kain na…


This was embedded from Mai’s flickr website.

Feast for a king, if not feast for the eyes for those who aren’t fond of Philippine Food.




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