Entry for September 27, 2008 – World Class Pinay 7?

27 09 2008



Come in…  

Come in… 

What do you know, I’m back to thinking out loud & about World Class Filipinas again, and I’m glad you are here to listen in or read on to it & to tell me what you think about all these.

I do believe it’s going to be the 7th in this series as I now also consider “Onli In Da Philippines” the 6th part.

Anyway I just so happen to realize that aside from the well know Filipina artistic talents we have out there, we also have one online.

Someone who was at the recently concluded 17th Annual Festival of Philippine Arts & Culture at San Pedro, here at SoCal. I really wanted to attend that but there was always something that kept me from going. Anyway here is a link to that particular event:


And here is a short description of our World Class Online Pinay for today from that link:


Christine Gambito (aka HappySlip) is one of the Web’s biggest and brightest stars. Her videos have been seen over 45,000,000 times across YouTube and her site HappySlip.com collectively.

In January of this year, Gambito was appointed as an honorary ambassador to Philippines tourism by the Department of Tourism. In March 2007, Gambito’s video “Mixed Nuts” was nominated for a 2006 Youtube Video Awards for Best Comedy. Gambito’s performances typically include comedic sketches in which she impersonates members of her family. She also sings and plays the piano or guitar. She is notably one of the very few top creators on Youtube that is acting, filming, editing, and producing her shorts completely on her own.

As a SAG/AFTRA actress in New York City, Gambito landed parts in television commercials, movies, and industrials. However, the creation of HappySlip has allowed her to display her unique talents to a worldwide audience right from her own home.


I truly am amazed at the way that she has promoted Philippine tourism online by using her God-given talents & limited resources.

I want to think that I, in my own small way is striving to do the same thing over here in my blogs. And if you know anything about Yahoo Answers, I have tried to do that there as well. Unfortunately I have gone on a sabbatical from YA & that by itself will take a long time to explain, which I will not do within this space.

Enough with that, what can I say personally about our World Class Pinay for today, well I think she is very talented, very fresh & very unique. She can be our own George Lopez or Freddie Prinze for all we know. Someone who can put out the Filipino Way out there & have good clean fun. And I like the way that she can speak English in a Pinoy accent & English in an American accent. I only hope that she can learn to speak Tagalog as well.

But I find that really funny.

And I too do that, I change my accent whenever there is a need to do that. Well I speak in a Chinese accent when I speak to somebody from China, I speak in a Hispanic accent when I speak to somebody from Mexico, I speak in our Pinoy accent when I speak to Pinoys, British accent to Brits, Australian accent to Aussies & I speak in an American accent to Americans which I do sometimes by instinct. And most times I laugh at myself for doing that. LOL (Well I really do not think that I do a good job with my British nor my Aussie accent but what the heck I also do German, Eastern European, Japanese, Indian & many other accents, all pathetic if you ask me)

Anyway another thing that I like about Happy Slip, aka Christine (by the way if you still haven’t figured it out yet, all those six people at the photo above is all Christine). So what I like about her is that even if she was born in the US, she still loves the Philippines & she does & she makes fun of Filipino idiosyncrasies in a nice non-offensive manner & that to me is really what a Filipino is, one who can laugh at himself, at his problems & his predicaments.

She also embodies the Filipino in her craft as not only can she act, she can do behind the cam stuff, she can sing & play a number of musical instruments as well. Dancing? I don’t know but I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that she’s also good at that…

If only each one of us Pinoys & Pinays can be a good ambassador for our country where ever we are in the whole wide world (onlin
e & off).

Anyway I will post links to her videos, especially her trip back to the Philippines for the very first time, at the end of this post but I’ll do that later as I have to do something else right now…

So, Hasta la vista baby…

Okay I’m back & here are the videos:

HappySlip Jingle:


French Fries:


Did You Know?


Experience Philippines! Episode 1: It Begins


Experience Philippines! Episode 2:Let’s Dance in Bohol


Experience Philippines! Episode 3: See u in Cebu


Experience Philippines! Episode 4: Boracay to Palawan


Experience Philippines! Episode 5: Extremely Hot Therapy


Experience Philippines! Episode 6: My Other Home


See more @ http://www.youtube.com/happyslip or http://www.happyslip.com

See yah later…




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