Entry for October 02, 2008 – Is It Feeling & Looking Like Christmas In Your Place?

2 10 2008

Hello… hello… hello…

Come in, come in…

Pardon the mess, but in case you are wondering why we even have all this mess, it’s because I’m Filipino & because we are way into the “ber” months (you know SeptemBER, OctoBER, NovemBER & DecemBER)

And I figured it’s time to get into the Christmas Spirit. Okay for all you politically correct people, get into the Holiday Spirit. But to me it is & will always be Christmas,… Pasko na Sinta ko…

Okay, where was I…

If you are still wondering what’s with the “ber” months & in case you are not a Filipino or have not met or have a real personal contact with a Filipino or haven’t been to the Philippines at all, let me be the first one to inform you that the Philipines holds the distinction of having the longest Christmas Season in the whole wide world (google it up).

The Christmas season over there unofficially starts SeptemBER 1st, there’s that ber again.

So it start in SeptemBER to OctoBER, to NovemBER, taking time off on NovemBER 1st & NovemBER 2nd, and then start again on the 3rd, getting stronger & stronger as DecemBER rolls in & up until the first Sunday of January the following year. What the heck, many people just don’t bring down the Christmas decorations after that & wait until it’s in fashion again by SeptemBER.

Yes, a BERry long holiday season indeed.

In fact, I know for a fact that Philippine radio stations have started playing Christmas music since September the 1st, some stores have also started playing them. And the places where people usually shop for Christmas gifts & decorations are now open for business.

And so today I started going through my stuff. I brought out my old Christmas music & have started to playthem & I also bought (ordered online) 2 new CDs to add to those that I already have. Full force man.

And then my alter ego, the other Japs, the one with the YAP Blog have asked this Q in Yahoo Answers.

Click here

Check it out if you are a YAPper.

And yes, I have (he has) returned to YAP & to writing YAP Blogs. I don’t know if that’s a good thing though.

But there is something about Christmas that we just can’t explain.

And so it goes, & I’ll leave you with this old Christmas Carol from Perry Como.


Its Beginning To Look Like Christmas – Perry Como/The Fontane Sisters





Como who? You might ask. Okay, too old for you? Okay what about this version from Bing Crosby?


Its Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas – Bing Crosby – Bing Crosby

Still old? Okay let’s go with this version which has been popularized by the Home Alone Movie, the one by Johnny Matthis.


Its Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas – Johnny Mathis


I also wanted to post one of my favorite Filipino Christmas songs… the one by Gary V. But I can’t seem to find it online.

I know there is a ton of them online but all sang by different Filipino Choir groups, sang by Lea Salonga, by Aiza Seguerra, by Jaya, by Joey Albert, by Ka Freddie Aguilar, by South Border, by Sarah Geronimo, by Christian Bautista, by some Tom, Dick & Harry, yes, etcetera, etcetera…


It’s a good thing though because I will only feel homseick again if I listened to Mr Gary Valenciano. Although if you are interested you can listen in on Regine Velasquez as she sings “Pasko na Sinta ko… take it away Regine…

(tissue please)


Pasko Na Sinta Ko – Regine Velasquez

Pasko sa Pinas (Christmas in the Philippines) by Rastamarie.

This lovely photo was embedded from this flickr website.




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