Entry for October 03, 2008 – World Class Filipina 8th Part

3 10 2008


So here we are again.

Come in…

Take a load off, sit back, relax.

You’re in Japs Land right now, forget about your nasty deadline for a moment, forget your great boss, or your teacher, or homework, or project, or book report, or household chore, or pesky co-worker, classmate, your dorm-mate , ex-friend, your ex, your soul-mate (if you believe in one), your boyfriend, girlfriend, your spouse, brother, sister, dad, mom, auntie, uncle, lolo, lola, the person you owe money to, the tax man, your neighbor or the neighborhood bully.

Forget about all that…

Breathe in… relax.

And let’s talk about Filipinas once again.

Are you a Filipina? A Filipino? Married to one? Engaged to one?

And don’t you find it offensive that if & when you google or search for the word “Filipina” online all you see are website after website with funny names such as:

Filipina 101, Filipina 202, How to Court A Filipina, How to Find A Filipina, Dating Filipina, Filipina Match Making, Filipina Bride, Mail Order Bride, Why Choose A Filipina?, So You Want To Marry A Filipina, Filipina Dream Girls, Sexy Filipinas, Filipina Scandal & so on & so forth, some of which I cannot even type up in here.

And then the images, especially if you do not have the safe search filter on. I wouldn’t recommend that. Yes, not something to be proud of really. And definitely not something you’d want your lola or your preschool kid to see. Especially not for your preteen, teen or your adult child, & your hubby to see. No way Jose. No way Joe. (Hey Joe)

Why is this?

Why are we not showcasing the real Filipina? Why aren’t we showing the world the real Filipina.

If you are one, then you are that real Filipina.

If you aren’t then it is your wife, your sister, your mother, your aunt, your grandmother… It was your teacher, your professor… It was your baby-sitter. It was your house helper. It was your caregiver. It is your therapist. It is your dentist. It is your nurse. It is your bff.

It was a real person, someone who has help mold you to who you are right now & someone who is molding you to be the person you ought to be.

It was someone who sacrificed so many things for you. It was someone who had to work far away from their loved ones, often times in a foreign country, to feed their family back home, to clothe them & to give them an education. It was someone who worked hard at their workplace because they know that they are making a difference. It was someone who constantly provide superb, above & beyond customer service. It was someone who hardly get noticed but gets the job done quickly & properly, someone who treats everyone nice & never bothers anyone.

It was someone who toiled night & day to put food in the dinner table, it was someone who saved every small bit so that they have something to give you when you needed to buy something that you need or want. It was someone who would give you the food off their plate even if they will have nothing for the day, just so you can be satisfied.

It was someone who cooked for you or someone who worked hard so that you can eat out just because you wanted to or are tired of eating the same food over & over & over again.

It was someone who did your laundry, ironed your clothes for you, washed the dishes… It was someone who cleaned your room & cleaned up after you. It was someone who did all that even if they weren’t your cleaning lady. And if you pay them for that, they did a really great, your money’s worth job. Hardly complains too.

It was someone who helped you with your homework. It was someone who covered for you when you made a mistake or did something wrong. It was someone who gave birth to you, nourished you, guided you, took care of you. It was someone patiently waiting for you to tell her what’s on your mind or what’s bothering you. It was someone who spent countless sleepless nights worrying about you. It was someone who listened to you. It was someone who loved you. It was someone who placed a smile on your face when you were down, someone who picked you up, someone who laughed at your jokes when no one else got it. It was someone who really understood what you were going through.

It was someone who will probably give their life for you. It was someone who shaped your life & helped shape others & even helped shaped the community they lived in or their country for that matter.

They are the people who we should be able find, when we google the word “Filipina”.

The ones we personally know. The ones that are dear to us.

So for today, in this 8th Part of this God-willing continuing-series about World-Class Filipinas, today we honor whoever Filipina we want to. Our very own personalized World Class Filipina. To us they are World Class. We gave the world the best people we have. They are everywhere, doing everything from teaching, cooking, cleaning, baby-sitting, caregiving, taking care of your health, nursing, all in their own unique Filipina way.

If they are still around, treat them out sometime. Give them a small gift. Send them a card. Send them a text message. Call them. Tell them how much you love them.

They are Filipinas. They are World Class.

Put their picture in here:


Okay, see you later.

You can go back to the real world now…

Wasn’t that relaxing?



(Comments please, I’m dying to hear from you)





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