Entry for October 07, 2008 – What’s Up Pussycat?

7 10 2008


What’s Up? How are you doing? “Musta na?”

Anyway if you are wondering what I have been doing lately… I have been busy with many things but I also have been busy catching up with what’s happening in the Philippines.

So I have followed the rains & the floods, the never-ending melamime scare, the fallout of the USA’s economic woes on the Philippines & many more.

In fact, I have been listening almost daily live on a number of Philippine Radio Stations which I haven’t done in a loooong time. I also have been watching the news as seen in the Philippine News Shows & have been pretty much updated by now. All these online.

And just last week I was listening to Friday Magic Madness & for those whose era was the 1980s, you would love that program. That day, I was transported back in time to my yuppie days in Pasig & Makati when we used to listen to this program every Friday. Yes TGIF, especially if it was a payday. Those were the days. In fact one can even text message to the station a song request just as if you were in the Philippines. Now that’s making the world really small for all global pinoys.

Anyway I am now watching, actually listening as I am typing this one up.

I am tuned in to the News on Saksi October 6 Telecast, I have just heard that Claudio Teehankee Jr. has just been released from prison.

Teehankee? Teehankee? Of course that sounds familiar it was the Maureen Hultman murder case.

Now Claudio Jr. has just been given Executive Clemency.

And his two Counts of Reclusion Temporar & one Count of Reclusion Perpetua, has been reduced to 17 years in prison.

Yes, Onli in da Philippines.

By the way I just heard that there are now Fake Luncheon Meat all over the Philippines… what another health scare… waaahhh…

Anyway if you are a Pinoy living abroad & would like to catch up with what’s going on in the Philippines then check out these links:




You can even partipate in the TV link & leave your comments, very much like YouTube. And it has a link list on the left side wherein you can choose among Pinoy Tv Series, Pinoy Movies, Pinoy Commercials, etc. etc.

And so now you know why I haven’t been in YAP lately & haven’t been in here in Japs’ Land all that much now.

Anyway, see you later…

Note: Be sure to always have your pcs protected from computer viruses, spyware, malware & all those fun stuff in case you wish to click on the links above & other similar ones. Mac users, you’re still cool, don’t sweat it.




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