Entry for October 20, 2008 – Diskriminasyon?

20 10 2008

Welcome back!

You know you are always welcome in here, even if you just come in & don’t say anything. In fact some of you are content in just coming & going & not leave a comment.

But that’s fine. You are still most welcome. But you know that you are welcome to say anything you wish about anything right?

Okay. Today I want to think (out loud) about Disrimination. “Oo, diskriminasyon.”

In the Philippines we know a lot about that. And I think you know what I am talking about. Everywhere you go you can almost be sure to feel discriminated upon. Or discriminate yourself, that’s just how we are, I think. Discriminatory. We say we aren’t. We think we aren’t. We act like we aren’t. But many of us has a bone in us that is discriminatory. Some of us, all their bones are disciminating.

“Diskriminasyon? Ano ba talaga ito?”

When I used to live back in the Philippines, I had to go to many different places & talk to many different types of people.

And in many instances, I remember feeling that I was being discriminated upon. Some of those feelings I know are just inside my head. But we know, many people back home are just plain being discriminated upon.

Example, if you are looking for a job or if you walk in a posh place, if you are pitied against somebody who is “prettier” than you, or younger, or better looking or has a better figure/physique or is more pleasing to look at or if there is someone who speaks English with a nicer accent, or someone who went to school at a more well-known university or if you have a darker skin tone than most or if you are shorter, if you are handicapped, or if you belong to a certain religious group, or if you look “cheap” or if you look like you can afford, or if your name sounds funny, or if you are not well known or know anyone there, then chances are you are not going to get the job. Or the promotion. Or the project. Or the service. Or a call back. Or the time of day.

Yes we do not want to acknowledge it, but it is all around us. We are just a discriminating people.

And when you go abroad it just gets a notch higher.

Now you are around people who are mostly taller than you, bigger than you, mostly fairer than you or of a different color, texture, & smell. Mostly they look more pleasing than you (subjectively that is, because they probably have a different taste). And you are around people who have grown up with each other, they share a common background, common experiences, common cliques, common food, common colloquialisms, common terminologies, common hangouts, common everything. And then you come in, with your Pinoy style, your own flair for fashion, your slightly different accent, your university or your post graduate diploma, your many years of experience, your work ethic, your smile, & your air of confidence or your pounding heart.

And then you find that they look at you from your head looking at your flamboyant hairstyle, at your smiling face, to the clothes you are wearing, down to your fabulous shoes. (What can I say I love shoes). And either say nothing to you or roll their eyes.

Worse they probably do not even acknowledge you are there.


No, not that that ever happened to me. But you know what I’m saying.

I even remember having this conversation with a Hispanic lady who told me that we (Pinoys) have it better because we can just come to America & that it is so easy for us to do so. And then all her comments just seems to say that she wasn’t too fond of Filipinos because of something she isn’t telling me or because of that wrong impression.

And at another instance another one told me point blank that she is really wondering why all the Filipinos that she knew who came from the Philippines all have college diplomas, yes as in the Terri Hatcher Desperate Housewife style, as if they cannot even believe that we went past high school. Some of them are even surprised that we can speak good English for someone just off the boat so to speak.

Hello. If they only know that if they went to school in the Philippines, they probably will die in the first week. Filipinos complain too much about how other Pinoys are not that good anymore academically. But if you can only see some people schooled in some of the schools in America, you would probably die laughing or from shock.

So if you haven’t been discriminated upon. Or if you have not felt it. Then when you go abroad just be prepared to be. Even if you are not one to be easily offended. And I know it hurts even more when the person discriminating against you cannot even put together a grammatically correct sentence & when they cannot even write & spell better than a 2nd grader. (And of course if you look better looking than they are).

Anyway I have so much more to say, but I have to talk about it another day for this will be too long. But this is about Lady Drivers, I know I may sound discriminatory myself but just wait about that topic (Okay I am).

And lastly if you go to Yahoo US then you probably have seen this video that is about

The Worst “Best Man” Ever.

As in the worst Best Man in a wedding. You just got to see this. And then you probably will tell yourself that we Pinoys aren’t really all that dumb after all.


Worst Best Man Ever @ Yahoo! Video

Many of them out there are dumber than us… (click on the photo to view video)




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