Entry for December 1, 2008 – Discrimination Four

1 12 2008

Hello, hello.

Come in…

I know I have been gone awhile, I had a mini break for the Thanksgiving Holiday. And of couse I did not forget to go shopping on Black Friday. And today is Cyber Monday & I might be checking deals online later.

But right now I just want to countinue thinking out loud about this thing called, discrimination.

I know the US has just elected a new President. And we know that the newly elected President is African American, making him the first non-white US President. What is my point? My point is today more people are capable of looking past ethnic origins, skin color or even religions beliefs in their choices, which is I believe might be a step in the right direction.

Anyway I was thinking about this when I was at the park last Saturday morning.

You know we normally go to this park near where we live where you mostly see Whites, Asians (with Asians I mean Japanese, Koreans, Vietnamese, people of Chinese descent & peoples from the Middle East, Jews, Indians, Pakistanis, etc.). Of course there are also a good percentage of Filipinos & you cannot discount the Hispanics, but the African Americans, not that much.

So we were at the park, that Saturday after Thanksgiving & we decided to grab a bite at the Farmer’s Market, where they have a tent setup where people can eat at tables & select the food they want from the market or from Food Stands.

So we were sitting at a table with two White couples & listening to a gentleman singing classic country music with his acoustic guitar hooked up to a amplifier.

It was a nice morning to be at the park, not that much people & nice weather. And so we ate & the people at our table were there ahead of us & they left before we were done eating. And then here comes a couple who I am sure were of Filipino descent, older than us. They placed their stuff on our table as if to reserve them as they were eyeing the seats directly in front of ours.

I think no big deal of it. Although for a moment I think it was rude for them to do that as we were there eating right in front of them & they were oblivious to that fact. Yes, as if we did not exist.

And so that’s that. And then the lady said something to the gentleman which I did not hear but it was obvious that they were deciding if they wanted to sit there or not considering that the table had food marks on it. Well they then took their stuff & they moved to the next table directly in front of ours. There was a White couple sitting over there, their back towards us & the moment they were in front of them behind the chairs they wanted to occupy, they made eye contact with the White people sitting there (which they did not do with us) & then they greeted them a good morning & I guess they had a little chit-chat & they sat down, smiling.

Okay, I just want to know, what the heck just happened?

What do you think?


And then I put that behind me & I continued to enjoy my food & drink.

By then we were almost ready to go, until another instance caught my eye. On the table to our left, there was sitting a bigger than average Hispanic male. And here comes an older White male with a cowboy hat with a meal on his hand. He was right about to sit down at the seat right beside the Hispanic guy when the Hispanic guy told him something. And the look on this face said a lot. He was like “Say what?”

And then he said something which was louder than normal for I heard it. He was flaring his eyes, making facial expressions & he said something like, “Are you going to be using up all these chairs?” or something to that effect, pointing to three more vacant chairs on that table. And the Hispanic guys said in a nice tone something like, “No only this one chair beside me.”

And then the White guy sat down at the other corner of the table away from the corner where the Hispanic guy was sitting down. And he was mumbling words while eating. He took a few bites, stood up & walked away. Well not until he gave a “look” back at the Hispanic guy.

Okay, what the heck happened over there as well?





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