Entry for December 06, 2008 – Onli In Da Philippines

6 12 2008

Yes only in the Philippines where a whole nation collectively stop to watch a fighter climb into a ring & pray for his victory.
And today more than ever, especially for this, the biggest boxing match of his career, so far.
Dubbed the Dream Match, world champion in 6 weight classes & an icon in the field of boxing, olympic gold medalist, Oscar Dela Hoya against the current pound for pound fighter & Asia’s only fighter to win 4 world championship belts in 4 weight classes, Manny Pacman.
I wanted to write about this man we call Pacman, Manny Pacquiao, but I already did in my other Blog Site, so I might just as well just put a link to that post:
And here it is:
Honestly, during the preparations to this match, I was a little bit unconvinced that Manny can win this one. And watching the 24/7 Video Series HBO made for this match, I was a little bit intimated by the superior trainers, the superior equipment, the superior vitamins & nutrients, the superior gym & the superior surroundings of Dela Hoya.
And of course if you read the odds, Manny wasn’t expected to pull off a win over the bigger, the taller, the more experienced & the more savvy boxer Oscar is (or has been).
And so until the fight day I was still at about 50-50.
I just started tilting into a Manny win when I first saw the both of them together at Las Vegas & at the weigh-in & at the few minutes before the actual fight itself. Then I was about 55-45 & up to 60-40 at the first round that Manny can actually pull off an upset.
And he did. And a major one at that.
Congrats to Team Pacman!




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