Entry for March 09, 2009 three six nine

9 03 2009

Welcome back to me. And I see you are back over there as well.

Come in, come in. Come.

Welcome to Japs Land!

As I was saying, as I am again thinking out aloud, 3-6-9, 3-6-9, 3-6-9.

And on how 3-6-9 will go down in Philippine history as a day that may always be in our memory.

3-6-9, or 03-06-09 or 03-06-2009.

As in March 6, 2009.

For this is the day when Francis Magalona, otherwise known as Francis M or the pioneer of Philippine Rap (or even the King of Philippine Rap) has succumbed to complications due to his battle with leukemia.

Okay, not that I am a big fan of rap, I’m not. Nor am I a particular fan of Philippine music. But as a Filipino I highly appreciate the work of Francis M, bringing in & incorporating Filipino Pride & Patriotism in his music, in his art, in his fashion & in his life as a family man, as a husband & a dad.

You know, I am part of the “bagets” era–an era which he is a part of. [Yes even though he wasn’t part of the original Bagets movie, for he actually joined them in Bagets 2 made in 1984, yes those were the days. ]

But although Francis M is a few years older than me, I can relate to him, to his era, to his generation and to his art & craft. And although there are many other Filipino artists still out there that are comparable to or even better than him, I know that there can only be one Francis M.

To him, I bid farewell, but not to his music, his art & his legacy. Mabuhay ang Pinoy!

And a second thing that we could remember 3-6-9 by is for 20-something year old Efren Penaflorida (Kuya F) who for the past 12 years, has teamed up with his group of teen volunteers & they have taught basic reading and writing to poor children living on the streets using a pushcart as a classroom.

And on how on that day he & his group has been chosen as CNN Heroes.

Efren Penaflorida on CNN

Now if that isn’t worth being a hero, I don’t know what is. For their dedication & their noble efforts as well as the many lives that they have changed & continue to change, today & in the years to come.

To Francis M & to Kuya F (or Efren P) I salute you both & I hope that both of you will forever be remembered whenever we see 3-6-9.

You both made Filipinos proud.