Entry for May 03, 2009 – Respect

3 05 2009

Hello pips come on in.

I am just kicking my feet up & thinking aloud to my self again. And as long as you are here already you are free to stay & listen in.

Anyway I just finished watching the most highly anticipated EPIC match of the year, dubbed the BATTLE of the EAST and WEST. And why not as the Great White Boxing Hope of our time, Ricky the Hitman Hatton, the pride of Manchester & the undisputed, undefeated KING at 140 pounds was going up against Boxing’s current Pound for Pound KING, Manny Pacman Pacquiao of the Philippines.

And well even though Manny is widely considered as pound for pound the best boxer in the world, many people still do not give him that title outright as because as an Asian and worst as a Filipino, there is just not that much respect for them to give it to him on a silver platter.

But of course, that is not the case if you are of a different color or a different race.

And of course Floyd Jr. retired before they can meet up, so many people still consider him the pound for pound king. (Well we all know, he came back so let’s see how that goes, although he might be regretting the timing of his comeback, for now he has no choice but to challenge Manny for that undisputed p4p title).

Anyway I titled this discussion, as respect, as I believe even up to know, with all the achievements of this undisputed Best Asian Boxer of our time, he still does not get any respect. Yes, no respect at all.

Why? Well don’t you ever remember whenever he wins there is always something else that went wrong with the person he has beaten to take the beef out of his win. Didn’t they even say that his fight with Pretty Boy Dela Hoya was fixed. Like who would believe that Dela Hoya the undisputed greatestfighter of his era would agree to lose to a Filipino or an Asian or somebody from a Third World country or somebody who they term as the Mexicutioner & be counted as one of his trophies.

No, I do not buy that. Pretty Boy lost to the better figher that fateful night. And Manny Pacman should get that honor & get a measure of respect for that. Remember everybody was betting on the Golden Boy at that fight.

Now tonight at the Battle of the East and West, which obviously was WON by the EAST. There was again some talk of something going on with the Hatton (West) camp which again be a point to give a reason why they lost again, and again they will use to steal the thunder off this East Win.

The sell out crowd at the MGM Arena was obviously filled by supporters for both fighters but there was noticeably a bigger, a more visible & a louder pro-Hatton group–many of whom flown in from the UK. And you can actually hear audibly the very loud booing in the background of the ppv telecast when Manny’s name was announced at the start of the fight.

Anyway, the East Won this Battle which I could be wrong but I believe should have been a KO win, which “they”, whoever “they” are merely calling a TKO. That was fair and square a KO win. But yes who would in his right mind admit to an Asian (Filipino) fighter knocking out cold a British (White)fighter. TKO maybe yes, but KO no.

No respect as I am telling you, yes even when Manny is the first Asian boxer ever, to win the title in five different divisions.

Okay, so now Pacquiao added one more belt–making it SIX Championship belts (crowns) in the Lightweight, Super Featherweight, Junior Featherweight, Featherweight, Flyweight and now the Junior Welterweight. (And in his last four wins–his last four fights actually, he won all of those in four different weight divisions).

Now that should be reason enough to earn him the respect he so rightly deserves.

And I hope it trickles down to any and all Asian &/or Filipinos all over the world.

And maybe just maybe, the Philippines wil now be able to win it’s first Olympic Gold in any of the coming Summer Olympic games, as they have always been robbed of that honor, time & time again, for some weird reason, which sometimes I just conclude to be nothing more than because of the color of their skin or the country they represent.


Wait, I might have spoken too soon as today, I caught this video by a boxing & a Hatton Fan.





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