Entry for May 04, 2009 – Respect 2

4 05 2009

Hello, I’m back. I just ate lunch & hanging out.

I see you over there, so why not come in & chill & listen in as I again think out aloud again. Today I am thinking/talking about respect once again. I was just at Youtube & I was able to catch a few Manny-Ricky related fight videos & I also saw the last episode of their 24/7 training videos.

Coming into their East vs West Fight, I pretty much know that Ricky was a brawler, a good fighter and he was undefeated in the 140 pound weight division, where he fought all but one of his close to 50 fights. Yes winning all his 140 lb fights. Yes a tremendous record. But I must admit although I have reservations, I had not that much respect for him. Especially because he was fighting the pound for pound king.

Anyway after watching the last 24/7 episode & after watching all the first three episodes previously & having seen most of their pre-fight videos. I now find myself giving this man from Manchester my respect. He is a family man, a dad, a brother, a son, a boyfriend, & a good son of England. And just like Manny. They fight for their country & for their family.

To Ricky I salute you, you trained long & hard and you fought well. You did not talk crap. You speak well of your opponent. You have nothing to be ashamed, you did not dodge fighting the best fighters in their prime. You are a true fighter & an even truer gentleman.

God save the Queen.

Here is a small part (part 3) of the 4th Episode of their 24/7 video.


Here is HappySlip’s take on the fight.


(After you watch this video, you probably would have a general idea how it looked like & felt like in our place or at all the other Filipino Pacman Potluck Parties all over the world).




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