Letting go – Entry for May 08, 2009

8 05 2009

“Come in, come in.”

“Welcome back.” “Come in”, said the spider to the fly.

[Hmmm, I can have you for supper later.] Wait, don’t be scared. Sit down. Relax.

Click your mouse button, roll the roller or use the arrow keys on your keyboard. Relax.

I have just eaten lunch, so I’m not really that hungry, so you can sit back over there & put your feet up. Today I am thinking out aloud again about something we Filipinos have a little bit of trouble doing.

“Letting go.”

Yes, some of us just have a hard time with this concept. Let’s say, somebody is going to be leaving on a flight to go overseas, what do we do? We hire the biggest vehicle we can get & cram everybody inside that, along with the person leaving & all his luggage, well sometimes just his carry-on & two big cardboard boxes we tape up really tight & tie boy scout knots all over.

And so we have an airport scene where in one person is leaving, there is one or several huge for-rent vehicles in the airport departure parking lot with several relatives crowding around it & from above it would look like they are having a picnic in a park somewhere. And then at the gate we all wave & hug & cry & say our goodbyes. Even though we already did that for the last 24 hours if not the last week or month.

Letting go. Yes, is a hard thing to do.

Today, this morning I saw that in action at my son’s kindergarten class field trip. And even though they are only going to the next city for a short half a day trip, for most of the kids this would be the first time that they will be away (other than the school) from their parents or other relatives.

Yes. And it is fun to analyze it though. For in my son’s class, half are Hispanic, one-fourth are White. The other one-fourth is mixed White & Asian (who all looked generally White). Then my son, the only true-blooded Pinoy. So you can say half are Mexicans, about another half are White & then about 1/2% is Filipino.

So of all those ethnicities whose parents were the ones left standing waving at the door of the buses, taking pictures, hugging/kissing their kids as they go off on their own from their school campus to a field trip to uncertainty & what-ifs & fear & doubt.

Yes, it was only the Asian parents. And so now today, I rest my case. Filipinos are indeed Asians just for that one reason. Like who ever thought Filipinos are nothing but Asians? (Okay don’t tell me you thought Filipinos are Pacific-Islanders, or Filipinos are Hawaiians, Samoans, Guamanians & other Islanders, or Filipinos are Latinos, or Filipinos are… where are they from again? — okay you aren’t laughing, so maybe you did. Okay technically or geographically, Filipinos are Asian.)

And so, to our waving goodbyes to our loved ones at the airport to our saying goodbyes to our kindergarten kids as we bid them bye-bye to their first fieldtrip on their own…

I’d say, we have a lot in common than we thought we have, with our other long-lost cousins from other parts of the world. We also, at times have a hard time letting go. [But nothing like the airport parking lot picnic scene you know].

Okay, so I’m letting you go right now. As I am just about ready for some desert & maybe hot tea or coffee.

Bye, bye see you next time.




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