Sign of the Times – Entry for May 21, 2009

21 05 2009

You’re up late. Or early, depending on where you are in the world.

But no matter, welcome.

And I’m up late too, it’s past midnight & I’m not that sleepy enough to go to bed yet.

So come in, make yourself at home as usual. No worries over here. Chill.

I was thinking out loud again as I just witnessed something weird & something which though I can easily explain logically, it still just boggles the mind, or my mind at least.

I am talking about the phenom of the Laundromats & who we normally see over there. Well anyway depending on the time of the day or night, the day of the week &/or the location we normally see different types of people inside a laundromat.

Well normally one expect to find females doing the laundry, it could college kids, it could be sisters, it could mom & daughter, it could daughter, mom & grandmom, it could be with the aunt & the females cousins. Or it could be a couple (female & male) or the whole family. Single males we do see on occasions.

But not on this particular day. You see I have not done the laundry in a while. But yesterday I was asked to do it & I had to do it. And so I went to this laundromat that I last went to, many months ago.

It was a weekday, it was morning, before noon. And when I got there the parking spaces were surprising empty. Well there was a shiny & new & red Jaguar but I never assumed it belonged to somebody doing the laundry over there. Well, come to think about it, I did not really assume all that much, as I know anything is possible in our place & I am just prayerfully thankful that the laundromat was not full.

And so I parked alongside the Jag & remembering I did not have any laundry detergent (of course) I walk to the adjacent store first & bought one, plus I bought a few things I would munch on. And then I went into the laundromat & saw it was deserted. I thought that’s strange I never remember it being this way. But then I was mistaken there was one guy inside, a male Hispanic who looked Thai or South East Asian to me. He was a short man & was about 5 or 10 years older than me.

Okay, so I did get change for the machines & loaded up three machines & was waiting for them to finish as I snack on a bagel & a drink. And then another male comes in, an older African American (Black) guy. He was about the same age as the first guy & again I thought nothing of it. But then I looked at the parking spaces outside & saw there were no additional cars there. And as the Black guy goes out, I saw that he went way into the next parking lot to get to his car. He parked way over there when there was a ton of parking spaces in front of the laundromat. I said to myself, “How strange.” But then I let go of that too.

Then a few minutes later, in comes a White guy. He was about my age or younger by a few years. And he was driving a newer model shiny silver two-door Mercedes. Now I said to myself. “This is weird”. For here we are in the day time, in a weekday, inside a laundromat & who are there with me but three other males, One Hispanic, one Black, one White guy (and one Asian guy–me).

But there’s more. In comes an Asian female, but she was out of the place in less than two minutes. And from what I assume, she came in thrown in a couple of throw pillows inside one machine & went out again.

Then as I was starting to use the driers, in came another Hispanic male, about my age. He was driving an older model Mercedes. For some reason I know he is Hispanic, even though he looked Middle-East Asian. But I digress. But that’s just a habit I have whenever I have nothing better to do, I kind of guess the ethnicity of people, before I hear them speak. Now there are five people inside this place, all males.

Okay, okay I finish drying my laundry and then a monster truck arrives & parks alongside my tiny car. The truck is American, I believe a Ford F150 but with those huge tires. Out comes a big Whte guy. He goes to the the bed of his truck & takes his laundry & enters the place. Now we are six males inside this laundromat.

I said, “I’m out of here.” Well of course I had enough & I’m done. But wow, never in a hundred years would I thought I could witness something like that.

As I was going, there was another adult guy coming in, with his wife or somebody who could be his wife, his girlfriend, or his older sister or his mother (nowadays I can’t be sure). And they have a teenage male with them.

Oh well, signs of the times I guess. And one thing too, they said for the first time in history there are more females joining the workforce than males. And that for the first time there are more males being laid-off from work than females. So maybe all the females were out working that day & all the males were doing the laundry.

What do you think?

[I asked this considering most Filipino men consider doing the laundry & all other household chores feminine & wouldn’t even touch it with a ten foot pole. Well unless they really have to anyway.]


Okay I went to bed after that & this morning I woke up a little late. And around 9 went out to have a Pinoy breakfast & I went to the park to do some aerobic activity. Well I only managed to put in 20 minutes as I got tired quick & it was a hot day (that’s my excuse & I’m sticking with that).

Then I went to the shop to have my (vehicle’s) tires rotated & while waiting & just for the heck of it (because there was a looong line), I did some laundry (old rags, towels, the jackets I had in the car & what have yous) at my favorite laundromat which was located about 50 to 100 feet away.

Mind you, this place was a different one than the one I talked about earlier but it’s in the same city. Okay the minute I got into the parking lot, I was telling myself “Okay, full-packed. Lots of people doing the laundry this (weekday) morning”.

I walked in, threw in 3 loads & eye-scanned the laundromat. Wait a minute, there are about 3 females here, could be four. But there are definitely at least 7 guys here, 8 when you count me. in. About 4 of the men younger than me & the rest a few years older.

Yes, I might be on to something here. The times have turned the city upside down.




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