Can Filipinos Ever Unite For The Good of the Nation – Entry for June 25, 2009

25 06 2009

Hello people, if you have been listening to my thinking out aloud sessions in here, you would be aware that I have not been back in the Philippines for over six years!!!

But not anymore, I’m now physically here in Metro Manila!!!

But I’m both happy & sad at the same time.

Shell-shocked is the better term.

As I was blown away by the number of new streets, flyovers, street works, street signs, roundabouts, u-turn slots, traffic enforcers, pedestrians, motorists, street vendors, billboards, malls, stores, buildings, housing & everything else (the high cost of some prices especially).

But overall I was really saddened at the way in which many of our fellow Filipinos have become almost anarchic in the way they cross the street and the way they drive & park their cars & go about their normal everyday thing.

I am almost tempted to think that most of them have already given up hope in being civilized because they assume that Filipinos are beyond hope.

But I beg to disagree!!!

Most of the Filipinos I have met overseas are a testament to this. Yes we can (to borrow that famous slogan).


But who will spearhead it?

You & me & each one & all of us of course. We have to change our way of thinking & be convinced that we are world-class. We are!

People are people everywhere in the world. We are no worse than all of them.

In fact, we are better in a lot of aspects, but some of us just have not been exposed to the bad deeds & the evil ways of the other peoples of the world. OFWs, migrants & travellers overseas all know this & this huge group should of all people start to believe that yes we can.

Do you?