First WordPress Blog Post

10 08 2009

Yes, welcome back.

And you read right, this one would actually be my first WordPress post–the other one is actually an Introduction.

And the funny thing is that I wrote something before this that seemed to have vanished in the cyberspace air. But that was at Yahoo Profiles, so still this should be the First Post over here (in the new place, right).

And the even funnier thing is of all things & of all people, today I am very much inclined to write about the ongoing Willie Revillame fiasco (yes again). And from my instincts this could be something way too deep for even him to crawl up and out from.

If you know nothing about Willie or about Wowowee or their booboo regarding the live feed from the funeral march of the most beloved late ex-President of the Philippines, Madame Corazon Aquino, then I suggest that you let it stay that way as it could leave you with a sour taste in the mouth.

But if you are like most Filipinos or foreigners who are more Pinoy than real Pinoys, then I encourage you to read on & listen in as I once again think out aloud.

Okay, first thing off, have you ever found a live national tv show host anywhere in the world who upon finding a small live feed (of the funeral march of their own country’s ex-President) being aired in a tiny box simultaneously with his show who would say “live” on the air something to the effect… “Can you guys take that live feed out of my show?” But yes in the nicest way he can say it, of course, if there was even a nice way to do it.

And second, the network obliged and took off the tiny screen right after the “request” or the command if you may.

Remember the whole nation was in mourning for an ex-President. Remember it was only a one day (few hours) funeral march–and it is not everyday that a President of a nation dies. Remember the show was on everyday. Remember the live funeral feed was only on for a few minutes at a time.

And so again, have you seen that happen anywhere else? Or do you think that would ever happen elsewhere?

Yes, I know, I think this should be added to the long list of “Only In The Philippines”.

My thoughts?

Yes, I have a lot, so that is why I just want to get it off my head (& hopefully into yours,… Take it! Take it!).

First: TV Networks all over the world, show “live” the funeral of ex-Presidents or events of national importance such as this, all the time.

Second: TV Networks all over the world would even cancel or reschedule regular progamming to show the funeral march live.

Third: I have yet to see the gall of a tv show host “ask” his bosses to take away something “live” on the air which is first and foremost the prerogative & the call of the network in which the tv show host is working for & getting his paycheck.

Fourth: I have yet to see the network itself seem to cower in fear & obey the tv host.

Fifth: I rest my case. Before I start to have a big disrespect to my fellow Filipinos back home who still believe that a mere tv show host/personality could have the right or the privilege to do something like that & get away with it. And of course I also would like the network to do some explaining of this fiasco as well, as they are as much a part of all this.

Have a great day.


New Lease On Life – Entry for August 8, 2009

9 08 2009

Hello to you, welcome to my (new) place.

This blog used to be housed over in Yahoo 360 for a few years. And in case you haven’t found out yet, all the Yahoo 360 bloggers were kicked out when Yahoo closed their 360 site sometime in July of this year. Yes just a few weeks ago.

I was vacationing in the Philippines when that happened. But prior to that Y360 made a way for all the 360 tenants to pack their stuff & move out. They mentioned WordPress and so I packed my bags and I went over here.

I wrote my blog a few days ago (at that time I tried doing it at Yahoo Profiles, another option 360 gave it’s previous inhabitants). It showed it posted, but when I went there today, actually yesterday as it is now past midnight, it was nowhere to be found.

I guess, I have a copy of that somewhere, if I do I’ll put that in right after this one.

Anyway, I just wanted to post this as an intro to everyone who might wander or wonder about this site.

And lastly this is also to welcome everyone (you included), and you are also welcome to leave your coments and what nots.


NOTE: I am a type as you think guy. So I type on the fly. Most times I think faster than I could type, so there would be times wherein you would find errors in spelling, grammar & problems/issues with what I wanted to say & what I actually typed in. Anyway, when I do have the time I come back & reread what I wrote & try to edit it. I know I should spellcheck & all that stuff but I guess at heart I am still a typewriter kind of a guy.