Automated Elections

3 04 2010

I found this website which in English translates to New Voter:

And ready or not, the Philippines will be holding it’s first Nationwide Fully Automated Elections in just a few weeks. Yes as in welcome to the Digital Age (finally).

You know for many years, I was kind of hesitant to admit and tell other people that back in our home country (in this day and age) we still vote using pen and paper (which of course is not really the issue) and we still count the votes manually. Yes, as in one person reading each vote from each ballot, and somebody else writing in chalk tabulates it at the black (but color green) board behind them. Okay, maybe some of them have upgraded to white board markers writing on white boards but that’s still basically the same system.

Now after all the ballots have been read off without mistakes and hopefully tabulated corrected then it is tallied by hand again and also hopefully accurately, all these done within the same voting day, yes even if it takes them all night and in many instances it had and yes even in candle light or flashlights for also in many instances blackouts or power outages occur during vote counting time.

And this long tedious process is repeated in all the tens of thousands of voting precints all over the country’s 7,100 islands  and then the totals are written down (of course by hand again) and then signed, sealed and delivered to the House of Representatives if I am not mistaken. And again it is recounted manually as mandated by law, well because there is just no other way I guess because of the inherent limitations of the system which might have worked or was the only way to do it back in the 1950s even up to the 1970s but have since been obviously out of date since then.

And all these takes months of counting and tabulating in most cases of course. Quick counts have been in use though, using computers, the internet and other electronic coomunication devices I believe since the 1980s but that is of course are not authorized results.

Going back to that site, in it there is nice section called:

Translated that will be Now It’s Different.

And it better be. For we as a nation have tried for decades to fix the unmistakeably flawed or flaws in the Electoral Process, and this should be a start to doing just that and more.

Now if only the majority of the people will cooperate and make this work, this time and everytime.  Otherwise, the few strong ones who have held out losing their hope for the country will probably start joining the many who have started losing all hope since the late 1960s.

So to all the eligible voting Filipinos, I tell you do not lose hope and to vote and safeguard it wisely.

Mabuhay ang Pilipino!




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