Philippine May Day of 2010

30 04 2010


Ready or not the Philippine National Elections of May 2010 will be over and done within a few more days.

But for the candidates and their politcal parties, families, friends and supporters, these last few days will be the last two minutes of what could be a tightly fought game 7 of an NBA Playoff or Finals.  Or for some, it could be a blow-out game and they are just counting down the seconds waiting for the final buzzer.

Any which way, I still believe, that it will be the Filipino people and the Filipino nation as a whole who will be the real winners as this could very well be among the cleanest elections if not the country’s cleanest elections ever.  Of course it should be the fastest counted (I hope).  And of course this should be the most expensive elections ever, just ask the Comelec, the Nacionalista and the Liberal Parties.

So to all Filipinos, go out and vote on May 10, 2010! Vote wisely! And while you’re at it, be vigilant and safeguard your vote.

God bless.





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