Miss Universe 2010

25 08 2010

Ms. Philippines Answering Her Question for the Ms. Universe Beauty Pageant 2010, held in Las Vegas Nevada

Okay, I read somewhere that this year’s edition of the  Miss Universe Beauty Pageant was one of the toughest to judge as there were a lot of very beautiful contestants to choose from.

And once again, Miss Philippines was among the top picks in the preliminary phase and even on the night of the pageant itself.

And rightly so as she went on to go to the Top 15 (chosen last) and into the semifinals (top 10). And then ultimately into the Top 5 Finalists (again chosen last).

And as they say time and time again, it boils down to the question and answer portion.

And this year’s edition would probably be remembered as the year the crown slipped away from the Philippines, on the last and final answer of the night.

This could have made the country a three-time winner of this world pageant joining only four other countries with 3 or more winners. (Sweden, Puerto Rico, Venezuela and the USA).

Now with still two crowns, the Philippines is still in the Top 15 or so countries in the world with two or more winners. But the last one was won in 1973 (or 37 years ago) and this could have been the year. Anyway, there is always next year. Curses, foiled again…

At any rate Miss Philippines’ answer in the final round is now the talk-of-the-town and of the beauty-world so to speak. And it is also abuzz in all the social networking sites.

And this is the same in online forums all over the web. Here’s one from the many discussions in Yahoo Answers:

What big mistake have you committed in your life and what have you done about it?

that one I answered and got the Best Answer…

And so that how it is on this Miss Universe crazy country in the Far East.



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29 08 2010

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