New Lease On Life – Entry for August 8, 2009

9 08 2009

Hello to you, welcome to my (new) place.

This blog used to be housed over in Yahoo 360 for a few years. And in case you haven’t found out yet, all the Yahoo 360 bloggers were kicked out when Yahoo closed their 360 site sometime in July of this year. Yes just a few weeks ago.

I was vacationing in the Philippines when that happened. But prior to that Y360 made a way for all the 360 tenants to pack their stuff & move out. They mentioned WordPress and so I packed my bags and I went over here.

I wrote my blog a few days ago (at that time I tried doing it at Yahoo Profiles, another option 360 gave it’s previous inhabitants). It showed it posted, but when I went there today, actually yesterday as it is now past midnight, it was nowhere to be found.

I guess, I have a copy of that somewhere, if I do I’ll put that in right after this one.

Anyway, I just wanted to post this as an intro to everyone who might wander or wonder about this site.

And lastly this is also to welcome everyone (you included), and you are also welcome to leave your coments and what nots.


NOTE: I am a type as you think guy. So I type on the fly. Most times I think faster than I could type, so there would be times wherein you would find errors in spelling, grammar & problems/issues with what I wanted to say & what I actually typed in. Anyway, when I do have the time I come back & reread what I wrote & try to edit it. I know I should spellcheck & all that stuff but I guess at heart I am still a typewriter kind of a guy.


Can Filipinos Ever Unite For The Good of the Nation – Entry for June 25, 2009

25 06 2009

Hello people, if you have been listening to my thinking out aloud sessions in here, you would be aware that I have not been back in the Philippines for over six years!!!

But not anymore, I’m now physically here in Metro Manila!!!

But I’m both happy & sad at the same time.

Shell-shocked is the better term.

As I was blown away by the number of new streets, flyovers, street works, street signs, roundabouts, u-turn slots, traffic enforcers, pedestrians, motorists, street vendors, billboards, malls, stores, buildings, housing & everything else (the high cost of some prices especially).

But overall I was really saddened at the way in which many of our fellow Filipinos have become almost anarchic in the way they cross the street and the way they drive & park their cars & go about their normal everyday thing.

I am almost tempted to think that most of them have already given up hope in being civilized because they assume that Filipinos are beyond hope.

But I beg to disagree!!!

Most of the Filipinos I have met overseas are a testament to this. Yes we can (to borrow that famous slogan).


But who will spearhead it?

You & me & each one & all of us of course. We have to change our way of thinking & be convinced that we are world-class. We are!

People are people everywhere in the world. We are no worse than all of them.

In fact, we are better in a lot of aspects, but some of us just have not been exposed to the bad deeds & the evil ways of the other peoples of the world. OFWs, migrants & travellers overseas all know this & this huge group should of all people start to believe that yes we can.

Do you?

Sign of the Times – Entry for May 21, 2009

21 05 2009

You’re up late. Or early, depending on where you are in the world.

But no matter, welcome.

And I’m up late too, it’s past midnight & I’m not that sleepy enough to go to bed yet.

So come in, make yourself at home as usual. No worries over here. Chill.

I was thinking out loud again as I just witnessed something weird & something which though I can easily explain logically, it still just boggles the mind, or my mind at least.

I am talking about the phenom of the Laundromats & who we normally see over there. Well anyway depending on the time of the day or night, the day of the week &/or the location we normally see different types of people inside a laundromat.

Well normally one expect to find females doing the laundry, it could college kids, it could be sisters, it could mom & daughter, it could daughter, mom & grandmom, it could be with the aunt & the females cousins. Or it could be a couple (female & male) or the whole family. Single males we do see on occasions.

But not on this particular day. You see I have not done the laundry in a while. But yesterday I was asked to do it & I had to do it. And so I went to this laundromat that I last went to, many months ago.

It was a weekday, it was morning, before noon. And when I got there the parking spaces were surprising empty. Well there was a shiny & new & red Jaguar but I never assumed it belonged to somebody doing the laundry over there. Well, come to think about it, I did not really assume all that much, as I know anything is possible in our place & I am just prayerfully thankful that the laundromat was not full.

And so I parked alongside the Jag & remembering I did not have any laundry detergent (of course) I walk to the adjacent store first & bought one, plus I bought a few things I would munch on. And then I went into the laundromat & saw it was deserted. I thought that’s strange I never remember it being this way. But then I was mistaken there was one guy inside, a male Hispanic who looked Thai or South East Asian to me. He was a short man & was about 5 or 10 years older than me.

Okay, so I did get change for the machines & loaded up three machines & was waiting for them to finish as I snack on a bagel & a drink. And then another male comes in, an older African American (Black) guy. He was about the same age as the first guy & again I thought nothing of it. But then I looked at the parking spaces outside & saw there were no additional cars there. And as the Black guy goes out, I saw that he went way into the next parking lot to get to his car. He parked way over there when there was a ton of parking spaces in front of the laundromat. I said to myself, “How strange.” But then I let go of that too.

Then a few minutes later, in comes a White guy. He was about my age or younger by a few years. And he was driving a newer model shiny silver two-door Mercedes. Now I said to myself. “This is weird”. For here we are in the day time, in a weekday, inside a laundromat & who are there with me but three other males, One Hispanic, one Black, one White guy (and one Asian guy–me).

But there’s more. In comes an Asian female, but she was out of the place in less than two minutes. And from what I assume, she came in thrown in a couple of throw pillows inside one machine & went out again.

Then as I was starting to use the driers, in came another Hispanic male, about my age. He was driving an older model Mercedes. For some reason I know he is Hispanic, even though he looked Middle-East Asian. But I digress. But that’s just a habit I have whenever I have nothing better to do, I kind of guess the ethnicity of people, before I hear them speak. Now there are five people inside this place, all males.

Okay, okay I finish drying my laundry and then a monster truck arrives & parks alongside my tiny car. The truck is American, I believe a Ford F150 but with those huge tires. Out comes a big Whte guy. He goes to the the bed of his truck & takes his laundry & enters the place. Now we are six males inside this laundromat.

I said, “I’m out of here.” Well of course I had enough & I’m done. But wow, never in a hundred years would I thought I could witness something like that.

As I was going, there was another adult guy coming in, with his wife or somebody who could be his wife, his girlfriend, or his older sister or his mother (nowadays I can’t be sure). And they have a teenage male with them.

Oh well, signs of the times I guess. And one thing too, they said for the first time in history there are more females joining the workforce than males. And that for the first time there are more males being laid-off from work than females. So maybe all the females were out working that day & all the males were doing the laundry.

What do you think?

[I asked this considering most Filipino men consider doing the laundry & all other household chores feminine & wouldn’t even touch it with a ten foot pole. Well unless they really have to anyway.]


Okay I went to bed after that & this morning I woke up a little late. And around 9 went out to have a Pinoy breakfast & I went to the park to do some aerobic activity. Well I only managed to put in 20 minutes as I got tired quick & it was a hot day (that’s my excuse & I’m sticking with that).

Then I went to the shop to have my (vehicle’s) tires rotated & while waiting & just for the heck of it (because there was a looong line), I did some laundry (old rags, towels, the jackets I had in the car & what have yous) at my favorite laundromat which was located about 50 to 100 feet away.

Mind you, this place was a different one than the one I talked about earlier but it’s in the same city. Okay the minute I got into the parking lot, I was telling myself “Okay, full-packed. Lots of people doing the laundry this (weekday) morning”.

I walked in, threw in 3 loads & eye-scanned the laundromat. Wait a minute, there are about 3 females here, could be four. But there are definitely at least 7 guys here, 8 when you count me. in. About 4 of the men younger than me & the rest a few years older.

Yes, I might be on to something here. The times have turned the city upside down.

Letting go – Entry for May 08, 2009

8 05 2009

“Come in, come in.”

“Welcome back.” “Come in”, said the spider to the fly.

[Hmmm, I can have you for supper later.] Wait, don’t be scared. Sit down. Relax.

Click your mouse button, roll the roller or use the arrow keys on your keyboard. Relax.

I have just eaten lunch, so I’m not really that hungry, so you can sit back over there & put your feet up. Today I am thinking out aloud again about something we Filipinos have a little bit of trouble doing.

“Letting go.”

Yes, some of us just have a hard time with this concept. Let’s say, somebody is going to be leaving on a flight to go overseas, what do we do? We hire the biggest vehicle we can get & cram everybody inside that, along with the person leaving & all his luggage, well sometimes just his carry-on & two big cardboard boxes we tape up really tight & tie boy scout knots all over.

And so we have an airport scene where in one person is leaving, there is one or several huge for-rent vehicles in the airport departure parking lot with several relatives crowding around it & from above it would look like they are having a picnic in a park somewhere. And then at the gate we all wave & hug & cry & say our goodbyes. Even though we already did that for the last 24 hours if not the last week or month.

Letting go. Yes, is a hard thing to do.

Today, this morning I saw that in action at my son’s kindergarten class field trip. And even though they are only going to the next city for a short half a day trip, for most of the kids this would be the first time that they will be away (other than the school) from their parents or other relatives.

Yes. And it is fun to analyze it though. For in my son’s class, half are Hispanic, one-fourth are White. The other one-fourth is mixed White & Asian (who all looked generally White). Then my son, the only true-blooded Pinoy. So you can say half are Mexicans, about another half are White & then about 1/2% is Filipino.

So of all those ethnicities whose parents were the ones left standing waving at the door of the buses, taking pictures, hugging/kissing their kids as they go off on their own from their school campus to a field trip to uncertainty & what-ifs & fear & doubt.

Yes, it was only the Asian parents. And so now today, I rest my case. Filipinos are indeed Asians just for that one reason. Like who ever thought Filipinos are nothing but Asians? (Okay don’t tell me you thought Filipinos are Pacific-Islanders, or Filipinos are Hawaiians, Samoans, Guamanians & other Islanders, or Filipinos are Latinos, or Filipinos are… where are they from again? — okay you aren’t laughing, so maybe you did. Okay technically or geographically, Filipinos are Asian.)

And so, to our waving goodbyes to our loved ones at the airport to our saying goodbyes to our kindergarten kids as we bid them bye-bye to their first fieldtrip on their own…

I’d say, we have a lot in common than we thought we have, with our other long-lost cousins from other parts of the world. We also, at times have a hard time letting go. [But nothing like the airport parking lot picnic scene you know].

Okay, so I’m letting you go right now. As I am just about ready for some desert & maybe hot tea or coffee.

Bye, bye see you next time.

Entry for May 04, 2009 – Respect 2

4 05 2009

Hello, I’m back. I just ate lunch & hanging out.

I see you over there, so why not come in & chill & listen in as I again think out aloud again. Today I am thinking/talking about respect once again. I was just at Youtube & I was able to catch a few Manny-Ricky related fight videos & I also saw the last episode of their 24/7 training videos.

Coming into their East vs West Fight, I pretty much know that Ricky was a brawler, a good fighter and he was undefeated in the 140 pound weight division, where he fought all but one of his close to 50 fights. Yes winning all his 140 lb fights. Yes a tremendous record. But I must admit although I have reservations, I had not that much respect for him. Especially because he was fighting the pound for pound king.

Anyway after watching the last 24/7 episode & after watching all the first three episodes previously & having seen most of their pre-fight videos. I now find myself giving this man from Manchester my respect. He is a family man, a dad, a brother, a son, a boyfriend, & a good son of England. And just like Manny. They fight for their country & for their family.

To Ricky I salute you, you trained long & hard and you fought well. You did not talk crap. You speak well of your opponent. You have nothing to be ashamed, you did not dodge fighting the best fighters in their prime. You are a true fighter & an even truer gentleman.

God save the Queen.

Here is a small part (part 3) of the 4th Episode of their 24/7 video.

Here is HappySlip’s take on the fight.

(After you watch this video, you probably would have a general idea how it looked like & felt like in our place or at all the other Filipino Pacman Potluck Parties all over the world).

Entry for May 03, 2009 – Respect

3 05 2009

Hello pips come on in.

I am just kicking my feet up & thinking aloud to my self again. And as long as you are here already you are free to stay & listen in.

Anyway I just finished watching the most highly anticipated EPIC match of the year, dubbed the BATTLE of the EAST and WEST. And why not as the Great White Boxing Hope of our time, Ricky the Hitman Hatton, the pride of Manchester & the undisputed, undefeated KING at 140 pounds was going up against Boxing’s current Pound for Pound KING, Manny Pacman Pacquiao of the Philippines.

And well even though Manny is widely considered as pound for pound the best boxer in the world, many people still do not give him that title outright as because as an Asian and worst as a Filipino, there is just not that much respect for them to give it to him on a silver platter.

But of course, that is not the case if you are of a different color or a different race.

And of course Floyd Jr. retired before they can meet up, so many people still consider him the pound for pound king. (Well we all know, he came back so let’s see how that goes, although he might be regretting the timing of his comeback, for now he has no choice but to challenge Manny for that undisputed p4p title).

Anyway I titled this discussion, as respect, as I believe even up to know, with all the achievements of this undisputed Best Asian Boxer of our time, he still does not get any respect. Yes, no respect at all.

Why? Well don’t you ever remember whenever he wins there is always something else that went wrong with the person he has beaten to take the beef out of his win. Didn’t they even say that his fight with Pretty Boy Dela Hoya was fixed. Like who would believe that Dela Hoya the undisputed greatestfighter of his era would agree to lose to a Filipino or an Asian or somebody from a Third World country or somebody who they term as the Mexicutioner & be counted as one of his trophies.

No, I do not buy that. Pretty Boy lost to the better figher that fateful night. And Manny Pacman should get that honor & get a measure of respect for that. Remember everybody was betting on the Golden Boy at that fight.

Now tonight at the Battle of the East and West, which obviously was WON by the EAST. There was again some talk of something going on with the Hatton (West) camp which again be a point to give a reason why they lost again, and again they will use to steal the thunder off this East Win.

The sell out crowd at the MGM Arena was obviously filled by supporters for both fighters but there was noticeably a bigger, a more visible & a louder pro-Hatton group–many of whom flown in from the UK. And you can actually hear audibly the very loud booing in the background of the ppv telecast when Manny’s name was announced at the start of the fight.

Anyway, the East Won this Battle which I could be wrong but I believe should have been a KO win, which “they”, whoever “they” are merely calling a TKO. That was fair and square a KO win. But yes who would in his right mind admit to an Asian (Filipino) fighter knocking out cold a British (White)fighter. TKO maybe yes, but KO no.

No respect as I am telling you, yes even when Manny is the first Asian boxer ever, to win the title in five different divisions.

Okay, so now Pacquiao added one more belt–making it SIX Championship belts (crowns) in the Lightweight, Super Featherweight, Junior Featherweight, Featherweight, Flyweight and now the Junior Welterweight. (And in his last four wins–his last four fights actually, he won all of those in four different weight divisions).

Now that should be reason enough to earn him the respect he so rightly deserves.

And I hope it trickles down to any and all Asian &/or Filipinos all over the world.

And maybe just maybe, the Philippines wil now be able to win it’s first Olympic Gold in any of the coming Summer Olympic games, as they have always been robbed of that honor, time & time again, for some weird reason, which sometimes I just conclude to be nothing more than because of the color of their skin or the country they represent.


Wait, I might have spoken too soon as today, I caught this video by a boxing & a Hatton Fan.

Entry for April 15, 2009 – Filipino Time Dos

15 04 2009

I’m back.

And I know you are too. So come in, relax & enjoy this time as you listen to me talk or write my mind again about this little funny thing we call Filipino Time.

I just got back from my web-surfing daily excercise, you do know that you have to work hard at your wrist, your pointy finger & the two or three other fingers you use to type fast on your keyboard. You know, we have to keep them in shape. But a word of caution though, do not over work it as you know injuries such as the dreaded carpal tunnel, or the tendinitis, or is it the tendonitis & even arthritis & all the other wrist & finger injuritises-suses-suses. But don’t you ever hate it when you go see a doctor and complain about pain in your wrist, all they say is that you have carpal tunnel syndrome, without even doing a single test.

Okay I digress, so after my regular wrist/finger/web surfing workout, I got to see the first episode of the 24/7 Pacquiao-Patton HBO Show. Where HBO features the training being done of both camps for their East versus West Boxing Showdown on May the 2nd.

Well of course as always, I am always overjoyed to see our country & our people featured in a documentary that is seen worldwide. I might add that at the last 24/7 HBO Series of Manny (Pacquiao) it was titled Dela Hoya-Pacquiao 24/7. Now it is Pacquiao-Hatton 24/7. So now here, Manny has the top billing, rightly so as he is on the Top of the (Boxing) World, as the Philippines is on Top of the Boxing Map right now. Yes, Go Philippines. Yes even though Hatton is the rich White guy & the World Champion & only lost once, etc. etc. etc. Yes that is finally some real respect for the real minority.

Okay that is not what I wanted to talk about (I do not even want to talk about racism or discrimation or all that) but it is a good intro to this little topic that I am starting to do a mini-series on–Filipino Time. Yes, for in case you are not aware of it, boxing as a sport has always been big in the Philippines & for Filipinos. Big with a capital B. So wait, did you even try to figure out a good reason why the King of Philippine Movies, Fernando Poe Jr. was so popular in his day & even when he run for public office in his later days. Yes, he was known for his rapid boxing style of fighting plus the single arm lock & turn manuever, turning his opponent the other way & doing his patented semi-slow motion mini-uppercuts in the mid-section & the chin while the other arm is locking one arm of his sorry looking enemy, which seem to stand just a little bit too long before he finally falls down for the count. So did you ever figure that out? Yes his Pinoy fans loved him because they loved boxing.

And now there is a documentary that will come out or has come out, I’m not sure but it is about that most famour Heavyweight fight between Ali & Frazier in the early 70s. It was called Thrilla in Manila, it was to be I think the rubber match between the two giants of boxing.

And of course that famous fight was held in Manila.

Of course not. It was held in Quezon City. Okay technically Manila for any average non-Filipino. It was held at the Araneta Coliseum in Cubao, Quezon City. I was about, I believe a reed thin 7 year old at that time. It was a school day I fully remember that. It was fever pitch, Ali Fever (if there is even such a term) in the entire Philippines at that time. Classes stopped so that we can watch the fight I think at the cafeteria or in many other common areas throughout our elementary school. And of course the Greatest, Muhammad Ali knocked out Smokin Joe Frazier in a looong fight. And it was just like what we have today when Manny climbs up the ring & knocks down his opponent.

And at that time, we commemorated that victory by giving Muhammad Ali a Shopping Mall named after him. It was the Ali Mall of course, which I believe is still where it is right now, about a couple hundred meters away from the Araneta Coliseum, one of the very first malls in Metro Manila, which we are now known for.

Yes, those where the days & that was the early 1970s. The Philippines was among the best in the East. I think the Philippines peso is about 7 Php to 1 US$, I think, but it could be as high as 2 Php is to 1 US$ or any amount in between, I just don’t remember now. But I do very well remember the Thrilla in Manila.

And now after all these years, what, some 35 long years later, the Philippines is again at the World Boxing Map. And once again getting some respect & recognition.

Especially now that our own Manny Pacman will be climbing up the ring with Manchester England’s most popular native, the Hitman Ricky Hatton, in a bout that is being called The Battle of East and West.

Yes that is Filipino Time for you. Always late, but yes better late than never.

So let the battle begin…