Election Time

18 02 2010

I know this is late, but still being fashionably late is a Filipino virtue.

“Ika nga, Filipino time.”

Anyway, better late than never I always say, I haven’t been back in this place in a looong time, but here I am & there you are so that’s all we need. Let’s just exchange ideas & hang out for a while.

Anyway, I’m guessing back in the home country, people are just abuzz with the Election Fever & back there we just love this season, where paper litter the streets, posters abound everywhere, political ads dominate the airwaves, tv commercials & even movie theaters. Political caravans travel dusty towns where they only see politicians every election time, stage shows with showbiz stars introduce the candidates and of course the tons & tons of giveaways, be it cash, candies or anything in kind.

I do hope something changes though & that most people would stop electing the same people (if not the same kind of people) they have voted for time & time again and who they know have done nothing & worse who even have corruption issues all over their heads for all these years.

Wake up Filipino People!

I just recently watched this Sexbomb video regarding the upcoming automated elections, and I just want to share with you guys… enjoy & vote wisely everyone!