Entry for July 12, 2007

12 07 2007

“Be careful who you vote for. For you may not get what you want, but you sure will get what you deserve. Especially true if you do not vote at all.”

Hello, to anybody else out there.

I was reading up on something today and I stumbled upon an important fact that I would want to share and get anybody else’s opinion on.

They say that there are just 4 ways to spend money.

1. Is to spend your own money on yourself,

and that is when you make sure that you get your money’s worth.

2. Is to spend your own money on somebody else,

and you may get something really really nice but you are always on the lookout for the price or on how much is this going to cost me.

3. Is to spend somebody else’s money on yourself,

this is when you go bigtime, no holds barred.

4. Is to spend somebody else’s hard earned money on somebody else, usually on somebody you do not know or care about,

and this is when you just don’t care.

And that is precisely why I said that when you do have the right to vote and the power to select who’s going to run your own government, and that is your obligation really–you do so with the general idea that they will spend money within the fourth category above. And what’s worse they will fall in the third category too.

And that is why I said that you will probably get what you deserve.

Vote wisely next time! And if you didn’t vote when it is your duty to, then you really deserve what you are getting. And in case you do not have a choice? Then run for office yourself and do things right.

What do you think?

Agree or disagree?

Or do you even care?




2 responses

16 07 2007
ஜ ♥Sassy Sweetheart♥ஜ

I never thought about it like that! Pretty cool and logical way to look at it. If I don’t know enough about someone, then I won’t vote for them. It is OUR job to educate ourselves about the candidates and then after one is elected into office, just prsy for them(and the rest of us). We should keep in mind however, that these people will change.

17 07 2007

Thanks for your input. There are indeed people in here.

And I agree with you. And when we do pray for them, we should pray that they will change for the better, if not for the best.

Thanks again.

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